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Jan 22

Matthew Privette retires after 28 years of service.

I knew this time would eventually come, but I didn’t realize it would come this soon.  After 28 years in the vision rehab business, I’ve decided to retire.  As several of you know, I suffered a catastrophic leg injury in late November 2023.  Since that time, I haven’t been able to return to work, remain non-weight bearing on that leg, and am looking at intense physical therapy in the near future.  It’s in times like these where one has a chance to think about the future and then figure out what you want that future to look like.  It became apparent to me that my time as a vision rehab therapist had run its course, so I made the very difficult decision to inform Dr. Mackowsky I was resigning as her Head Therapist.

First, I want to thank the hundreds and hundreds of patients that trusted me with their care and allowed me to help them in any way I possibly could.  I learned way more from you than you ever did from me.  I count it an honor that I was able to play a small part in all of your individual journeys.  Second, I want to say thanks to Jill, Barb, Pamela, Marla, the late Ruth Oliver, and all the other employees I had the joy of working with through the years.  Hopefully I didn’t make you all too mad at me, but I can honestly say we laughed a whole lot more than we did anything else.  Third, I want to thank my mom, Eleanor Privette.  Without her, I never even would have had this job opportunity in the first place.  Who knew we would work together for over 20 years?  Lastly, I want to give a huge thanks to Dr. Mackowsky.  When I started this road back in 1996, I never dreamed I’d still be doing it 28 years later.  There’s no way I would’ve lasted this long without her belief in me, and her drive for me to keep learning and doing things outside my comfort zone.  I will certainly miss learning from her and seeing her everyday.  She and her entire family will always be family to me.

I count many of you as dear friends of mine.  Hopefully, I can keep in touch with as many of you as possible.  The office will have ways of getting in touch with me if you so desire.  So maybe this isn’t a forever goodbye, just a goodbye for now.  Oh, and as most of you have always heard me say….Go Duke!!