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Sep 24

NORA 2022 Fellowship Program

Dr. Mackowsky was again invited to moderate the 2022 NORA Fellowship Presentations session for this year’s fellow candidates working on completing the 3 levels of requirements needed for fellowship recognition.  She has served on the Fellowship Board after obtaining her own fellowship standing in 2017.  Each candidate was required to present a 12 to 20 […]

Sep 24

Dr. Mackowsky Lectures at the 2022 Annual NORA Conference

Dr. Mackowsky was invited to speak at this year’s NORA Clinical Skills, Level 3 (a.k.a Extended Concepts in Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation). “Spatial sense is the way we can establish a stable, constant relationship with our 3D surroundings. If a patient is not oriented in space at the subcortical level, then spatial organization, localization and identification […]

Aug 18

Dr. Mackowsky Lectures on the Field of Neuro-Optometric Vision Rehabilitation 8/11/2020

Thank you to the Fayetteville Brain Injury Support Group’s invitation to provide information about the field of neuro-optometry and how my clinic’s vision services can help those who still have unresolved issues secondary to a head injury. I enjoyed speaking about this topic and meeting the friendly faces over our Zoom meeting!

Jan 20

Dr. Mackowsky Discusses How Vision Affects Learning and Concussion Recovery to Cary YMSL Chapter 1/13/2020

Dr. Mackowsky was excited to lecture about her specialty to mothers in the Young Men’s Service League of Cary. The presentation covered the types of vision dysfunctions that are common in children with learning disabilities and who have had concussions. Dr. Mackowsky is also a member of the First in Flight chapter with her son, […]