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Sep 24

Dr. Mackowsky Lectures at the 2022 Annual NORA Conference

Dr. Mackowsky was invited to speak at this year’s NORA Clinical Skills, Level 3 (a.k.a Extended Concepts in Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation).

“Spatial sense is the way we can establish a stable, constant relationship with our 3D surroundings. If a patient is not oriented in space at the subcortical level, then spatial organization, localization and identification will be difficult & altered.

Understanding the components of spatial sense and the neurology of the bimodal visual processing, we can systematically test a patient’s perception of space. Understanding the mathematical properties of how prisms can cause a response change with our patients and using mathematical computations, we can calculate a starting prism correction to “recalibrate” visual processing.

She discussed her testing strategies and methods of interpretation to determine prism corrections that will remediate patient’s symptoms. symptoms.