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Oct 9

2023 NORA Annual Conference

Dr. Nancy Mackowsky just returned from attending the 2023 NORA annual conference in Portland, Oregon.  As the NORA Fellowship Committee Chair, Dr. Mackowsky was responsible for announcing the progress of candidates from all over the world who were in the process of attaining their fellowship credentials into the organization.

In order to be awarded the NORA Fellowship, the candidate is required to complete all 3 levels of requirement.

Level 1 consists of:

  1. Attend the live NORA Foundations of Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation (Clinical Skills Curriculum Level 1) course
  2. Self-study: review several core reference/textbooks on Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation
  3. Complete the Clinical Skills Level 1 Open Book Examination Questions
  4. Make a brief 10-12 minute PowerPoint presentation at the NORA pre-conference on an approved Brain Injury or Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Topic

This year 8 candidates completed the level 1 requirement:

Sarah Keep, OD

Tiong Yap, OD

D’Anne Harp, MS, Student OD

Chad Edmonds, OD

Joseph Sciotrino, OD

Annette Webb, OD

David Katz,OTR

Julia Mocklear, OD


Level 2 consists of:

  1. Attend the live NORA Clinical Applications of Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation (Clinical Skills Curriculum Level 2) course
  2. Write and submit two Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation case reports
  3. Make a 20 minute PowerPoint presentation at the NORA pre-conference on one of your two case reports

This year 6 candidates completed the Level 2 presentation requirement:

Maureen Oyaide-Ofenor, OD

Fahara Mawani, OD

Carole Leduc, DO

Deepa BMS, OD

Melanie Woodhouse, OD

Gina Kim, MOT, OTR/L, CBIS


In addition, 8 candidates have completed all of the Level 2 requirements and can now move on to Level 3:

Linda Medeski-Nicacio, OD

April Eryou, OD

Azadeh Kelly, OD

Virginia Kekahuna, OD

Michelle McKenzie, OD

Catherine Radakovic, OD

YanLing Liang, OD

Deidre de Jongh, OD


Level 3 consists of:

  1. Writing and submitting a scientific article that is suitable for publication in a scientific journal.
  2. Once the article has been approved by the NORA Fellowship Committee and submitted to a peer-reviewed journal for publication, the candidate will make a 30-minute presentation during the NORA preconference.

There are currently over 45 active level 3 candidates. This year, 1 candidate completed this final requirement. Dr. Mackowsky was pleased to recommend to the NORA Board of Directors that Dr. Shirley Shuk Lee Ha be admitted as a new Fellow of NORA.