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Jul 13

Parent Comments

Chris began to show great improvement in his reading comprehension about half way through the vision rehab program. Not only did he enjoy reading much more than in the past, he was able to maintain concentration and attention to the assignment. Chris was willing and able to sit for more than an hour at a time complete his English creative writing assignments. This has been very rewarding! Chris' behavior at home and "home school" and his overall attitude seemed to improve. He actually looked forward to coming to therapy - Mathew has been an inspiration for Chris and a very positive role model! I have seen Chris mature and be more accountable for his own behavior as a 'result' of the therapy. Jill went above and beyond in insuring that the best possible financial solutions were made available to us. Her professionalism and knowledge of customer service and medical billing were excellent. Marla's unique talent for understanding and communicating with teens was so refreshing. Our initial ...

Jun 14

Dr. Mackowsky and staff attend the 85th College of Syntonic Optometry Conference

Dr. Mackowsky and her head vision rehab therapist, Matthew, just returned from attending the 85th International Conference on Light and Vision held in Pittsburgh.  Syntonics, from the word syntony (to bring into balance), is the branch of ocular science dealing with the application of selected light frequencies.  Colored light therapy can act as a powerful tool to stimulate the biochemistry of the brain that can help improve the function of the visual system.  Colleagues presented research showing evidence that relatively short-term syntonic treatment can significantly improve visual skills, peripheral vision awareness, memory, behavior, mood, general performance and academic achievement.  Both Dr. Mackowsky and Matthew are extremely eager to incorporate the methods learned as an additional service to patients being treated for visual dysfunctions. ...

Feb 6

Dr. Mackowsky invited to lecture at Lenox Baker Children's Hospital

Another successful lecture about neuro-developmental optometry was presented by Dr. Mackowsky at Lenox Baker Children's Hospital on Duke campus.  Many of the hospital's physical and occupational therapists attended the in-service to discuss various vision dysfunctions and how to screen patients to make a proper referral.